A Time of Great Change

543161_445979702128024_1889313892_n The end of not only a very powerful year is upon us, but a very, very power era.  We are in the process of intense transition.  Every day we experience not only new possibilities in technology and science, but new threats to our health, our families and our communities.  We are coming to the end of being able to depend on a “fearless leader” to get us through the “rough times ahead”.  The Age of Aquarius is about developing personal sovereignty as a co creative and necessary solution to health care, education, spirituality and community responsibility.  This is an exciting time, albeit uncertain and unpredictable.

So how do we build personal autonomy?  What does it even mean exactly?  These are the questions we are all blessed to be pondering right now.  The answers may be as old as consciousness itself.  “Love one another as you love yourself”, comes to mind.  But what if you don’t even know how to love yourself?  That is a very dirty secret that most of us do not admit or talk about, but it is such a fundamental issue to our lack of personal power….our personal sovereignty.  It is something buried deeply within our self image that we don’t even know its hold on us.

The beautiful thing about learning the basic nuts and bolts of energy, is it starts to awaken the sleeping beauty within each of us.  We begin to see ourselves differently than who we are as a persona in the world.  Energy is not only the the fabric of who we are, it is also the glue that holds everything together.  It is highly intelligent and sensitive to thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  Learning the language and power of energy is a bit like becoming friends with your enemy.  Very powerful paradigm shift.

I would love to support anyone who would like to deepen their relationship with their health through the language and practice of energy as medicine.  This coming year I am not only offering personal energy treatments, but also classes, workshops and skype sessions for individuals and groups.  I offer my knowledge and intuition to support your process towards a happier and more loving you.




2 thoughts on “A Time of Great Change

  1. I see this as an awakening Time. and it only thru that awaking that we can deal with the crisis, that is in process. The possibilities are endless

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