RE CHI YOURSELF! Mindful Energy Movement

RE CHI YOURSELF! Mindful Energy Movement

This is now a weekly class at Mindful Yoga!

Develop a heightened ability to weave the ancient technologies of yoga and qi gong with instinct and intuition.

16 thoughts on “RE CHI YOURSELF! Mindful Energy Movement

  1. Re Chi? Is that some kind of tea?
    The Turks ruled the middle east and part of Europe for 500 years
    Chi is what they call tea, this word is used in Arabic and part of east Europe

    1. There isn’t Mike,

      I am combining several different modalities together…It’s a completely unique design.
      but anything that moves your energy would be terrific. Yoga, qi gong, energy medicine…looks for something and feel more alive!

    1. Yes I am Deborah. Are you interested in coming to class? Please feel free to call me for details about any classes I offer.
      Tomorrow I have a class called Spring Energy Renewal at Mindful Yoga ( from 1 to 3 pm. It will focusing on revitalizing the liver/gallbladder meridians, neurovascular points and lymphatic system. We will touch into the 3rd chakra as a place of power and how to clear it so your intentions can be powerful and clear. I would love to see you there.

      The RE CHI YOURSELF class in going to be every Wednesday starting in April at 5:45pm, again at Mindful Yoga in Tucson.

      Blessings and have a wonderful day!

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