HEY GUESS WHAT? We can stop the poisoning now!!

imagesApril has been called the “game changer” month among many astrologers around the world. May still has intensity but we have the opportunity to get clearer about what is no longer serving us,  as individuals and as a world. We are coming into a time of personal sovereignty…which can be overwhelming to our body’s nervous system.

Energetically and experientially, we are conditioned to rely on outside authorities to heal our bodies and to provide us with knowledge about who we are and what we are capable of.  All the while, our bodies are busy healing and repairing themselves, even under the intense oppression of a belief system that says it can’t. Quite a miracle when you think about it.

As we quit defending a conditioned belief that our bodies and mind can not heal without the support of outside influences, we strengthen the natural intelligence of our own body and work WITH the currents of natural healing.  Goin’ with the flow….yes, yes, YES!!!

Healing DOES NOT have to be so complicated and confusing. It is natural. Believing it is not natural is potent and outdated poison…we can stop taking it now…..