Amma, the Great Mother….

A woman of selfless service in a multitude of ways. She hugs over 12,000 people in a given day. She dedicates her life to life, to healing the wounds of the suffering. She is that pure deep reflection of the greatest kind of love there is….love without condition or attachment.


AmmaDesire leads us to the fire that fuels our soul


Why do we struggle so when our desires do not manifest?

From the observer’s mind of meditation, there is no judgement when we hang on to an inner reality that’s incongruent with outer reality. There are only consequences. I’ve come to see those times of intense struggle as labor pains for a new level of self awareness. When we release and give up fighting the ghosts of our mind and the injuries of past trauma, we shed the waters of our most sacred self, our soul self….the part of us that gets tucked away from the dangers of a neglectful and abusive society.

The task of the Sacred Ninja

I often equate healing work as a task suited for the ninja warrior, whose primary purpose is to recover the light of a person’s soul, hidden deep the mind/body forest of past hurts and trauma. A healer/ninja must quietly disarm the perils of the forest, while liberating a person’s true nature. These perils can be vicious demons that manifest as habituated patterns of chronic fear, unending worry, crippling shame, self loathing and other destructive emotions and attachments. It’s pointless for the ninja to enter such a forest armed with weapons of mass destruction, as modern day medicine has the tendency to do. Her only chance is to enter silently, using the power of the forest itself to guide her to its life force.

Why you ask?

Because you can’t kill ghosts. They are already dead. You can destroy the forest though…and then, what would be the point of the ninja’s mission? The ghosts need liberation. They need help and support to move into the next phase of their journey. They will be your friend forever after that.

And healing is like that:

The body naturally contracts to protect itself when it feels threatened. It is a healthy survival mechanism to protect our heart from being interrupted….when the heart stops, the game is over. This is a fundamental reaction every living being has. When we live with constant stress, the body stays in a continual contracted state. It’s ultimately an act of love turned power struggle. Better safe than sorry is the energetic instinctual process of the flight, flight or freeze response.


The body can not sustain a contracted state. It needs to undulate. Contract and expand, the rhythm of life and health. Life is sooooo much better when it undulates. It’s a state of shared power between the electric magnetic forces that power the body and power the universe. A simple truth that holds the secrets of the entire universe….of course, we need to add the spin element. Another article.

Love and Flow,


the forest of the ninja





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