The Nature of Now

images-9Everything thrives in a loving and supportive environment. Our basic nature is to feel deeply and expand joyfully. Part of our learning, for whatever the reason, is to go through experiences of trauma.  Very few people escape this rite of passage.  The basic response to trauma is retraction.  When hurt or threatened, our joyful selves contract into the deep recesses of our psyche. Contraction is fundamentally a loving response from our primal self.  Continual retraction is unhealthy and can become a prison to our natural state of joyful ease.  The evolution of Energy Medicine is to calm the contraction, so our joyful nature can return us to a state of grace. The work of humanity, so it seems is to move from the state of continual contraction and return to the state of joy, which has a rhythmic nature…like the beating of the heart….the undulation of the wind, the rise and fall of the ocean wave….ahhh, this is the key to a deeply loving nature…..

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