Letting go of Manifestation and Deepening into Wisdom

Fall is the time of reflection.  Summer is over and the season turns inward, giving one last expression of itself through the falling of leaves and the harvest of the garden.  It is a time when we remember our impermanence.  Everything must return to the source of creation.  Like the leaves of a tree, we give back to the earth all the abundance expressed in our lives.  We keep the jewels of lessons learned and the wisdom of experience.

It’s the time of the great let go to the worlds we do not see.  It can be a scary time if we have not made peace with our past.  Hence the creation of the Halloween, in the western world.  Letting go is a healthy and natural process.  When we hang on to old ideas, possessions, people that no longer serve our evolutionary process, we become imbalanced energetically and physically.  We develop sickness or become “haunted” by the past. Fall is the time to do ancestral work.  To forgive anything that our ancestors did not get to complete in their life cycle.

Hoarding is one of the many signs of metal imbalance.  Either we fear the new will never come or we fear the new that is coming.  If we do not value the inner qualities of who we are, we will try to satisfy them from external resources.  As we see in our world, this creates imbalance in the entire system.  The new needs the refuse of past, otherwise it carries that refuse into the emerging cycle and poisons it.

The is the time of honoring that which has come before.  Giving respect to our selves and to that which we do not understand.  It reminds us of our interconnectedness, or it haunts us in our present.  We can work with the metal element in many ways.  Grief work, energetics, artistic expression are useful ways to honor the process that is passing.  Below is an example of working artistically with the metal element through movement, sound and memory.

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