The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly….that delicate creature that emerges from a state of total transformation.  It has no traits of its former caterpillar self.  It has taken the power of shapeshifting to a level worth looking at. When the caterpillar creates its transformation capsule, it does not die.  It dissolves.  The result….the deep mystery of the butterfly….

  • This weekend is about you and your transformation.
  • It’s about the power of the times and the transformation for the world.
  • It’s about looking into the very tender and hidden parts of ourselves from the eye of the artist.

The power of art is the ability to take a difficult, stuck situation and look at it from many different angels.  Should I add blue or yellow?  How would color change this life long difficulty for me? Or would writing “that one particular story” from the perspective of the red old couch in my family’s living room help me emerge my long latent life gifts?

Art of various flavors and Energy Medicine Maps will be the core learning tools of the weekend.  Energy is life.  Life is built on specific relational patterns which are highly sensitive and intelligent.  Chinese and Yogic Practices have long developed understandings of life’s basic processes.

This is the weekend…..guided by the power that draws you to come, by myself, Ramjeet Kaur and by the loving, powerful forces that bring this opportunity together……


The Butterfly Effect

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