The Butterfly Effect Continues

The Butterfly Effect MichiganLife is a myriad of cycles layered on top of each other, interplaying and interacting with each other, dreaming and creating each other all of the time. Life is the world of our daily tasks and responsibilities as much as it is our deepest desires trying to manifest.

So what? Why do we even bother to look at life as something to investigate? Why not keep the nose to the grindstone and focus only on the drive towards getting our fundamental needs met so we can go watch a movie with our friends or family? Isn’t that all there is?

Ask that question to the small whisper of emotion that arises when you remember your childhood fantasy or dream that you have yet to return to. Ask the part of yourself that looks up at the night sky and wonders of what might exist between the twinkle of your soul and the twinkle of the stars.

We are so much more than our basic identity.  We are energy in motion.
We vibrate and move at specific frequencies that science is just beginning to be able to map and record. Just like water moving from one destination to another, we move and dance with a source of life much bigger than our little selves can understand. Yet, we know it intimately. We know it when we are moved by sources and events outside of ourselves. We want and need to know these bigger understandings of life, but we have learned to be afraid. “Stay small. Don’t reach for the stars. Stay alive.”

Oh, but our soul needs to know itself!
This is what the ancient sciences and mystical practices have been mapping out for centuries. It is a natural part of evolution to forget who we are. As natural as the return home.

Science maps it while art and creativity moves it.
This workshop combines the ancient science of astrology and Chinese Medicine with creative theater to initiate an awakening of a part of yourself ready to be uncovered.


  • what is going on in the stars and how its affecting us currently.
  • basic energy techniques to reduce stress and increase health.
  • basic theater techniques to get out of the head and into the heart with your life story and how its being affected by the larger story of the stars.


Colleen Lemma:

Internationally renowned Angelic Astrologer and Spiritual Consultant








Ramjeet Kaur:  

Multimedia Artist with formal education in Energy Medicine and Community Payback Theater.  A visionary in the realm of Trance Portational Artistry.



ramjeet profile





Diane Call:  

Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Instructor in                                            Sourcework Theater

diane call profile


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