A Response to Suicide


How you delight in devastation!  Hungry the as hyena,  hovering on the edge of sorrow, waiting to devour the soul’s most sacred knowing.

As I stand in the midst of horror’s dark shadow,
I start singing,
singing sweetly to it’s essence.
I begin a hypnotic whisper into it’s earlessness,
“Come to me, you horrific force.
Enter my aura and enter your oblivion.
I will devour you like the shadow that you are.
I will eat your soullessness with the fiercest fire
of my deepest dream.”


You will not escape the process of awakening!
I will hunt you down as you have hunted and
destroyed the tenderest of lilies. I will relish the foul
smell of your decayed consciousness will sheer delight.
I will tear at your atrocities with the magnified force
of the humanity you have stolen from the hearts of the innocent.

No longer will I be an amplification of your devastation,
For I no longer fear you.
You come near me and you will be transformed.
Come and experience true love….
Come and know what real power is.

Taste the nectar of real power.
The power of the humming bird.
The power of the vulture.
The power of the life giving force
of a woman who knows better.


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