When the storm passes, what will you be holding?

A child washes up to shore,

Silent, motionless, cold from within.

A Child Washes Up To Shore.

Flipping, Flapping, Lapping Limply



Did you hear that?

Did you see that!!

(Did we do that….)

A child washes up to shore….


As I write this blog, trying to find words for the devastation happening in the world right now, I find myself intellectually impotent.  How can words do justice to the atrocities being inflicted upon the most innocent of life?

Recently I wrote a poem about horror, in response to a good friend’s suicide.  Her torment was the result of Klonopin withdrawal.  A drug considered by some, the most lethal drug on the pharmaceutical market. Oxytocin is considered number two.  http://www.cchrint.org/2011/06/02/americas-most-dangerous-pill-klonopin/

Certainly I can continue with the topic of horror, as we witness 1000’s of refugees drowning on the edge of Europe, in boats that have no land that will accept them. Insane and unfathomable, yet it has happened over and over again in the course of recorded humanity.

When I try to make sense of life’s tragedies and our responses to them,  I turn to energy and the field of relationships and archetypes.  They are main players in the shaping of what we call reality.  They are the structure that the 5 senses develop and grow from.  The world before matter.

Polarity and Movement

When energy flows freely OxO:

 It makes happy figure 8’s all over the place.  Big and small, up and down, wild and calm.  It’s a figure 8 world just beyond our 5 senses horizon.  The figure 8’s are not only happy, they are equally balanced and centered on both sides, constantly responding to the ebb and flow of polarity.

When energy is out of balance O>o

 When not imbalance, the 8 becomes lopsided, causing a change in the flow of energy going through it. One side ends up contracted and the other expanded. The connection at the center of the X becomes distorted. If balance doesn’t return, the 8 becomes sick, distorted, unable to connect with the other 8’s that have it’s same rhythms.

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. 

If we could see in radio waves, the world would look like a sea of colorful jelly,  atoms and molecules vibrating at different rhythms and speeds.  The connections  between them are fluid and moving all of the time. The faster the vibration and frequency of energy, the less we are able to detect it with our 5 senses.  The different rhythms create a different color and sound.  The atom takes on the form of the vibration and sound.  Science has developed many types of instruments to measure the movement of life that’s beyond our ability to tangibly understand it.

Energetically, we feel the essence of another person  because we are intimately connected to them through the Theory of Relativity and basic Natural Laws of the Universe.  Potentially, we share an axis with the person, place or thing that stirs our inner movement. We are one half of a bulbous number 8.  The level of separation happens in the physical world, where we  experience  life as solid matter. You are you, I am me, a table is a table, etc.  We have been taught to measure everything through the tangible world of separation.  But that is only one way of experiencing life. It is the outward manifestation of thought, belief, energetic patterning of consciousness.

The center of the axis o<O>o

If follow the central axis to it’s center, we never get there. The central core is a much higher frequency than the matter.  The farther you get from the core, the more solidified energy becomes.  If the outward movement of energy never comes back to the center, it loses it’s relationship to it’s core power and may release its grip and become absorbed in another figure 8 rhythm surrounding it.  Nassim Haramein talks about this beautifully through his incredible work on the resonance project.   http://resonance.is/event/nassim-harameins-tedx-talk-at-ucsd/

How does this relate to the world around us?  When power is not balanced, we end up in power struggles between the two sides of the figure 8. What was once “we” becomes  “us and them”.  The central axis, the joining force has been compromised. We lose connection with where we came from and where we are going.  Our point of reference can become so distorted that we make enemies of children.  We forget our basic humanity. We start emanating from the point of contraction, forgetting the much larger picture of who we are.  The scar becomes the point of reference in which all of our decisions are based on.

How does it relate to the world within us?  Unbalanced energy effects us personally by how we look at the world.  Either we don’t feel like we have any power to change our lives or we feel more powerful and important than the one suffering.  We give our power over to an outside source, such as addictions.  We start sourcing power from outside ourselves, forgetting our regenerative connection to our own core axis.

The consequences of inequity between both sides of the figure 8 are evident all around us and within us.  It is our opportunity to question the walls of separation.  And to search for that which leads us back to the center.

I will be writing more on these very basic principles that can be so illusive to understand….yet, they are principles the simplest among us get so easily. IT’S TIME FOR PEACE.


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