Reaction and Curious Interaction

Today’s new moon in Aquarius  is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, The Fire Monkey  

Playful times ahead!  Are you ready to fly?  Through the air on a magic carpet ride?  Burning is the carpet, smoldering at the seams…or so it seems….but do you really know?  Is the fire eating the carpet or or the carpet eating the fire?  And where the heck you are going anyhow?
chinese-new-year-2016 monky and lama Chinese Red Lamps chinese-new-year-2016 fire monkey

I was walking this morning, reflecting on all of the changes and challenges that have persistently whispered, yelled and shaken me into acceptance of life beyond the limited data that I call reality.

Different memories come to my mind. Large range of emotions flood me, depending on the memory.  Many of them evoke sadness and loss, frustration and rejection, resignation and acceptance.  Many evoke glee and  appreciation,  forgiveness and determination to keep opening, regardless of the risks.

Coming to the bone realization of reaction and interaction.  

Many life responses come from habituated reactions to learned protocols of how to survive within the group.  Individuals need to figure out these “codes of behavior” very young.  We want and need our families to accept us, otherwise we perish.  We learn to interact from a place of obedience rather than a natural response from the soul.

My personal journey has been highly reactionary to environments that value hierarchical power over personal expression.  I was heartbroken when forced to accept a God separate from me.  That vibrant, wild child that I was, was not acceptable in the eyes of Love.  Wow…..what a robbery of the soul!

Memories become the stories of our lineages.  Our bodies begin to take on the shape of our primary and secondary caregivers.  Experiences help blue print our energy field.  Energy is the skeleton of life and the physical world is the flesh.  In the Chinese system of energy mapping, each experience gets filed away by a natural intelligence of which the meridian system is a mappable part of.  Worry for example, is associated with the stomach, grief with the lung meridian and so on.  The body has an intimate relationship with unseen energy fields.  This may be why a certain experience evokes a particular reaction for people.  There are worlds and worlds the seen world knows nothing about but is still intimately connected to.

My studies of animism as a spiritual practice, energy mapping and physical theater have culminated into an understanding of how habituated reactions are the key to a golden universe of curious interactions.  Tracking reaction by slowing down the response helps to enter the world of curious interaction.  When things travel with the same intensity as a reaction only much much slower, the field of awareness simultaneously increases as well.  Think of a replay in the sports world.  Certain plays are slowed way down to watch the blow by blow of a previous high speed event.  Millions of dollars depend on that technology within the sports world.

Slowing down a reaction.

Slow motion is great way to break up a reactionary response to a passion.  Choose a memory that is tender, but not emotionally paralyzing.  Move the memory by connecting a very slow breath pattern with the image.  After you synced these, add a body movement.  Trust your first impulse.  Breath moves the image through the body as you surround yourself with complete love and compassion.  Allow the feeling to be embraced by your current mind focus of love and light.  If the experience leads you into more spontaneous movement, take it into a dance.  Let the memory evolve into an offering that you give to the parts of your body that’s been holding that memory for you.  Body parts are some of the best audiences we can ask for!

This exercise takes practice.  If you choose a memory that is still highly reactionary, it may be difficult move it through and could leave you feeling frustrated or depleted.  Give yourself the respect of a simple memory.  Ultimately we all are finding ways to take care of the reactionary nature.   The more love we add, the more light we become.

This year of the Fire Monkey is great time to liberate the playful free soul that we are all born with.  Re patterning  trauma is a great job for the artist.  It’s a territory for soul development and cultural liberation.

Sat Nam and Happy New Year!






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