RADIANT CIRCUITS the great turn on!


Radiant Circuits, or RC’s are one of the 9 energy systems of the body, as explained by Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine.  They are a “get out of jail free card” for the stubborn, toxins of depression, illness, broken relationships and suffering of any kind.  RC’s activate the joy body.  They support our natural right to be healthy, happy and vibrantly alive.  They turn the stories of “why me? into stories of Yes Me!!!”  RC’s connect us to the universal life force.  Anyone with healthy, active Radiant Circuits sparkle with joy and their healing radiance effects everyone and everything around them.  Things work out for people with healthy RC’s.  They are not burdened by the woes of life.  They heal quickly and offer a safe space for others who haven’t yet connected their inner healers (RC’s).

Why do we have to activate them if they are a natural part of us?

Somewhere along the trail, these peaceful circuits became compromised.  People’s relationship with nature changed.  Instead of working in harmony with the natural world, the values of ownership and domination began to shape cultural beliefs and actions.  Peaceful lifestyles were destroyed and violence was an ever present possibility.  And as a result the birth of the fight, flight or freeze evolved or devolved (depending on the perspective) to be the strongest force within the human energy infrastructure.

We have adapted and stayed alive because of our powerful fight, flight, freeze response.  We can thank it for getting us this far.  The problem is that because of its aggressive nature, it is not sustainable.  The FFF is only a part of the larger system. Rather than the tool used in emergencies, it has become a “big brother” during times of rest and restoration.  Yet, we can reprogram it and remind it that it too needs rest and it is happier when it shares power with it’s RC allies.


RC’s are the inner physician.  They connect us to the worlds beyond the physical. They are the ancient parts of ourselves that hold the wisdom of the time before trauma.  By activating these energy allies, we open the door to deep reservoirs of personal and societal health and wellbeing.  We are naturally psychic and intuitive and we reclaim these gifts when we activate the the Radiant Circuits.


The events of 2016 have made it clear that the old systems of power have to evolve. The Fight, Flight or Freeze response is out of control and it is up to the Radiant Circuits to bring back balance to a tired and dying humanity. 2017 is the year to reclaim and renew, and the RC’s are a beautiful and powerful way to do that.


  • Forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation, humor, singing, movement, meditation, love and dance are some of the simplest ways to activate this system.
  • Kissing your wrists, both inside and out.  There are energy points at the wrists and kissing them calms the stress response in the body and promotes an atmosphere of safety and well being.
  • Trace figure 8’s around the eye sockets.  This moves energy from one side of the  the brain to the other, supporting our capacity to think clearly and respond to circumstances with greater clarity.
  • Ground your energy.  Walk barefoot in the grass, scrap the bottom of your feet with a stainless steel spoon, rub your bare feet together. Grounding yourself will connect you to the earth and give relief to any fear, anger or despair trapped in your energy system.

It can takes time to re pattern your energy and live in Radiant Circuitry, so have patience c yourself, respect your process and get support. You are human and are in the awakening process.  I celebrate you for that!!!   Contact me or another practitioner to learn more.


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