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Energy is the essence of every breath, muscle, cell, emotion and experience. The more we become conscious of this reality, the easier it is to create health, happiness and joy in every moment of life. I am an artist who loves to get into the juice of how life works! Energy is the focus of my exploration of the healing nature. I have spent years shifting traumatic experiences into power points in my life. I am dedicated to helping others do the same.

The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly….that delicate creature that emerges from a state of total transformation.  It has no traits of its former caterpillar self.  It has taken the power of shapeshifting to a level worth looking at. When the caterpillar creates its transformation capsule, it does not die.  It dissolves.  The result….the deep mystery of the butterfly….

  • This weekend is about you and your transformation.
  • It’s about the power of the times and the transformation for the world.
  • It’s about looking into the very tender and hidden parts of ourselves from the eye of the artist.

The power of art is the ability to take a difficult, stuck situation and look at it from many different angels.  Should I add blue or yellow?  How would color change this life long difficulty for me? Or would writing “that one particular story” from the perspective of the red old couch in my family’s living room help me emerge my long latent life gifts?

Art of various flavors and Energy Medicine Maps will be the core learning tools of the weekend.  Energy is life.  Life is built on specific relational patterns which are highly sensitive and intelligent.  Chinese and Yogic Practices have long developed understandings of life’s basic processes.

This is the weekend…..guided by the power that draws you to come, by myself, Ramjeet Kaur and by the loving, powerful forces that bring this opportunity together……


The Butterfly Effect


Letting go of Manifestation and Deepening into Wisdom

Fall is the time of reflection.  Summer is over and the season turns inward, giving one last expression of itself through the falling of leaves and the harvest of the garden.  It is a time when we remember our impermanence.  Everything must return to the source of creation.  Like the leaves of a tree, we give back to the earth all the abundance expressed in our lives.  We keep the jewels of lessons learned and the wisdom of experience.

It’s the time of the great let go to the worlds we do not see.  It can be a scary time if we have not made peace with our past.  Hence the creation of the Halloween, in the western world.  Letting go is a healthy and natural process.  When we hang on to old ideas, possessions, people that no longer serve our evolutionary process, we become imbalanced energetically and physically.  We develop sickness or become “haunted” by the past. Fall is the time to do ancestral work.  To forgive anything that our ancestors did not get to complete in their life cycle.

Hoarding is one of the many signs of metal imbalance.  Either we fear the new will never come or we fear the new that is coming.  If we do not value the inner qualities of who we are, we will try to satisfy them from external resources.  As we see in our world, this creates imbalance in the entire system.  The new needs the refuse of past, otherwise it carries that refuse into the emerging cycle and poisons it.

The is the time of honoring that which has come before.  Giving respect to our selves and to that which we do not understand.  It reminds us of our interconnectedness, or it haunts us in our present.  We can work with the metal element in many ways.  Grief work, energetics, artistic expression are useful ways to honor the process that is passing.  Below is an example of working artistically with the metal element through movement, sound and memory.

The Root Chakra And The Shadow

Crisis brings opportunity.  Creativity brings possibility.  We are in a time of crisis and opportunity, as we face a critical phase in our evolutionary process. Creativity is paramount in the transformation of consciousness.  It is the essence of our power to reclaim what is happening in our personal lives and the life of the planet.

This video is a collection of clips that creatively explore dimensions within the root chakra system.  It supports a larger vocabulary for how relate to the mystery of our essence.  It explores the shadow by facing it as a dance partner, ally and an important reflection of physical reality.

Until we go deeper into the root of consciousness through shadow work, we can not access our power of creativity in the way we are destined and designed to do so.

The Nature of Now

images-9Everything thrives in a loving and supportive environment. Our basic nature is to feel deeply and expand joyfully. Part of our learning, for whatever the reason, is to go through experiences of trauma.  Very few people escape this rite of passage.  The basic response to trauma is retraction.  When hurt or threatened, our joyful selves contract into the deep recesses of our psyche. Contraction is fundamentally a loving response from our primal self.  Continual retraction is unhealthy and can become a prison to our natural state of joyful ease.  The evolution of Energy Medicine is to calm the contraction, so our joyful nature can return us to a state of grace. The work of humanity, so it seems is to move from the state of continual contraction and return to the state of joy, which has a rhythmic nature…like the beating of the heart….the undulation of the wind, the rise and fall of the ocean wave….ahhh, this is the key to a deeply loving nature…..

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The Voice Of A Clown….

The voice of a clown….

speaks the truth and speaks it with absolute chaotic inappropriateness.

The heart of a clown….
brings light to the absurdities of unbalanced distribution.

The role of a clown….
    to hold the community center while being society’s finest critic, making a complete fool of herself in the process.

The tears of a clown……
when no body’s around…..

Only the clown could poke fun at the king and live to tell about it.

I wrote this thinking of Robin Williams.  An incredible clown of our time. Such a funny man, his humor, compassion and utter brilliance for bringing light to every aspect of life.  He was a man who walked the realms of both light and shadow.  The public was inspired by his “good clown”, in his ability to make us laugh. We didn’t see his “bad clown”, the one who wrestles with the darker passions that live in the unspoken night of a soul.

I’ve listened to the reactions of Robin’s suicide and how his choice was a result of his mental illness.  It stirred me to the need of expressing a deeper understanding of the critical role clowns play within a culture and how the suicide of a clown can not be blamed merely on the individual.  Clowns can not, without tremendous awareness, distinguish between inner suffering and outer suffering.  The polarities exist within them equally.  They have a special gift of embodying subtle energy fields in the environment and amplifying them back in ironic ways.  Clowns are highly sensitive, a “soul barometer” of community.

Clowns tend to embody the imbalances of the collective field within themselves and if they are not supported by community, they often become despondent and suicidal.  It is an ego driven culture that sees a despondent clown and says “not my problem!”  Such irony, since the clown is the perfect mirror for the individual and collective shadow.  “Shadow Dancers”, one could say.

When a culture “kills the clown”, it loses the ability to laugh at itself and respond to conflict with compassionate reason.  Current and past cultures have tried to “kill the clown”  by creating a cut throat competitive struggle between “the haves and the have nots”.  It’s value system does not include compassionate inclusion of all.

It is not easy, if even possible to kill an archetypal energy. It merely mutates itself to fit the current belief systems held by society.  Hence, the clown archetype in today’s culture has manifested itself as the international icon of McDonald’s.  The homeless person who asks for money.  The 1000’s of homeless children, presently all along the border of the United States and Mexico, or the absurdly wealthy that are completely and totally insane and no one does a thing about it.  The clown is a natural force of energy. We can not kill the clown without killing ourselves.  We have a critical opportunity available to wake up the power of the clown within society and within the heart of every individual.

An excellent article to read:

If you are a clown, you do not choose the path.  It chooses you.  It is not an easy road to walk.  One learns to accept the power of being absurdly wrong in all of the most scandalous ways!!! It can take years to accept and embrace the sacred responsibility of being “the village idiot”, the one who reminds the emperor that he’s naked in the eyes of the beloved.

It’s  an incredible moment, the day we embrace our raw, ugly, tender humanness and treat it as the precious gift that it is.  

Even though some are called to this archetype in a strong and undeniable way, each one of us has a clown inside.  Each one of us has the power to laugh at ourselves.  Each one of us has the power of compassion that comes from a balanced heyoka nature….the nature of the clown.

Cultivating a Compassionate Nature

The world is in an upheaval and the odds seems pretty grim.  That is if one focuses their attention only on manifested reality.

There is power learning the language of energy.  The universe has basic formulas that anyone can understand.  These formulas make up the basic nature of everything, from subatomic particles to the largest constellations of the universe.

The key understanding this language can be found through the gateway of curiosity and self acceptance.  Shame, fear, doubt, are all guardians to keep us from learning our basic nature.  I will be writing more on this topic in the future.  Stay tuned….  a-guide-to-astrology-healing-2.WidePlayer


Amma, the Great Mother….

A woman of selfless service in a multitude of ways. She hugs over 12,000 people in a given day. She dedicates her life to life, to healing the wounds of the suffering. She is that pure deep reflection of the greatest kind of love there is….love without condition or attachment.


AmmaDesire leads us to the fire that fuels our soul


Why do we struggle so when our desires do not manifest?

From the observer’s mind of meditation, there is no judgement when we hang on to an inner reality that’s incongruent with outer reality. There are only consequences. I’ve come to see those times of intense struggle as labor pains for a new level of self awareness. When we release and give up fighting the ghosts of our mind and the injuries of past trauma, we shed the waters of our most sacred self, our soul self….the part of us that gets tucked away from the dangers of a neglectful and abusive society.

The task of the Sacred Ninja

I often equate healing work as a task suited for the ninja warrior, whose primary purpose is to recover the light of a person’s soul, hidden deep the mind/body forest of past hurts and trauma. A healer/ninja must quietly disarm the perils of the forest, while liberating a person’s true nature. These perils can be vicious demons that manifest as habituated patterns of chronic fear, unending worry, crippling shame, self loathing and other destructive emotions and attachments. It’s pointless for the ninja to enter such a forest armed with weapons of mass destruction, as modern day medicine has the tendency to do. Her only chance is to enter silently, using the power of the forest itself to guide her to its life force.

Why you ask?

Because you can’t kill ghosts. They are already dead. You can destroy the forest though…and then, what would be the point of the ninja’s mission? The ghosts need liberation. They need help and support to move into the next phase of their journey. They will be your friend forever after that.

And healing is like that:

The body naturally contracts to protect itself when it feels threatened. It is a healthy survival mechanism to protect our heart from being interrupted….when the heart stops, the game is over. This is a fundamental reaction every living being has. When we live with constant stress, the body stays in a continual contracted state. It’s ultimately an act of love turned power struggle. Better safe than sorry is the energetic instinctual process of the flight, flight or freeze response.


The body can not sustain a contracted state. It needs to undulate. Contract and expand, the rhythm of life and health. Life is sooooo much better when it undulates. It’s a state of shared power between the electric magnetic forces that power the body and power the universe. A simple truth that holds the secrets of the entire universe….of course, we need to add the spin element. Another article.

Love and Flow,


the forest of the ninja