Hunting Grounds of 2020

“Power is gathered in Silence” The Oracle of Timelessness Can you remember a time when you have been rendered speechless? When something entered your field of sensory perception that stunned you to silence? Think about it. Were your eyes open in wonder or closed in hopes of invisibility? Which one is easier to remember right […]


January 1st, 2017 begins a new era of humanity, the time for forgiveness. At the end of 2016, we are presented with the full reflection of “broken soul linkages” in our energy fields. We see these … Source: HO OPONOPONO 2017

RADIANT CIRCUITS the great turn on!

What are RADIANT CIRCUITS? Radiant Circuits, or RC’s are one of the 9 energy systems of the body, as explained by Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine.  They are a “get out of jail free card” for the stubborn, toxins of depression, illness, broken relationships and suffering of any kind.  RC’s activate the joy […]

Reaction and Curious Interaction

Today’s new moon in Aquarius  is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, The Fire Monkey   Playful times ahead!  Are you ready to fly?  Through the air on a magic carpet ride?  Burning is the carpet, smoldering at the seams…or so it seems….but do you really know?  Is the fire eating the carpet or or […]


“All I know for sure is that dreams are the pictures of states wanting to turn into processes.  Dreams are maps of the beginning of an otherwise unchartered trip into the unknown.  They are pictures of the unknown which appear in many channels.  Because process work is body-oriented, I put a stress upon feelings, but […]

When the storm passes, what will you be holding?

A child washes up to shore, Silent, motionless, cold from within. A Child Washes Up To Shore. Flipping, Flapping, Lapping Limply A CHILD WASHES UP TO SHORE! A CHILD WASHES UP TO SHORE!!!!!!!! Did you hear that? Did you see that!! (Did we do that….) A child washes up to shore…. As I write this […]

A Response to Suicide

Horror How you delight in devastation!  Hungry the as hyena,  hovering on the edge of sorrow, waiting to devour the soul’s most sacred knowing. As I stand in the midst of horror’s dark shadow, I start singing, singing sweetly to it’s essence. I begin a hypnotic whisper into it’s earlessness, “Come to me, you horrific […]

The Butterfly Effect Continues

Life is a myriad of cycles layered on top of each other, interplaying and interacting with each other, dreaming and creating each other all of the time. Life is the world of our daily tasks and responsibilities as much as it is our deepest desires trying to manifest. So what? Why do we even bother […]

The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly….that delicate creature that emerges from a state of total transformation.  It has no traits of its former caterpillar self.  It has taken the power of shapeshifting to a level worth looking at. When the caterpillar creates its transformation capsule, it does not die.  It dissolves.  The result….the deep mystery of the butterfly…. This […]