The Butterfly Effect Continues

Life is a myriad of cycles layered on top of each other, interplaying and interacting with each other, dreaming and creating each other all of the time. Life is the world of our daily tasks and responsibilities as much as it is our deepest desires trying to manifest. So what? Why do we even bother […]

The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly….that delicate creature that emerges from a state of total transformation.  It has no traits of its former caterpillar self.  It has taken the power of shapeshifting to a level worth looking at. When the caterpillar creates its transformation capsule, it does not die.  It dissolves.  The result….the deep mystery of the butterfly…. This […]

The Root Chakra And The Shadow

Crisis brings opportunity.  Creativity brings possibility.  We are in a time of crisis and opportunity, as we face a critical phase in our evolutionary process. Creativity is paramount in the transformation of consciousness.  It is the essence of our power to reclaim what is happening in our personal lives and the life of the planet. This […]

The Nature of Now

Everything thrives in a loving and supportive environment. Our basic nature is to feel deeply and expand joyfully. Part of our learning, for whatever the reason, is to go through experiences of trauma.  Very few people escape this rite of passage.  The basic response to trauma is retraction.  When hurt or threatened, our joyful selves […]

The Voice Of A Clown….

The voice of a clown…. speaks the truth and speaks it with absolute chaotic inappropriateness. The heart of a clown…. brings light to the absurdities of unbalanced distribution. The role of a clown….     to hold the community center while being society’s finest critic, making a complete fool of herself in the process. The tears of […]

Cultivating a Compassionate Nature

The world is in an upheaval and the odds seems pretty grim.  That is if one focuses their attention only on manifested reality. There is power learning the language of energy.  The universe has basic formulas that anyone can understand.  These formulas make up the basic nature of everything, from subatomic particles to the largest […]