Amma, the Great Mother…. A woman of selfless service in a multitude of ways. She hugs over 12,000 people in a given day. She dedicates her life to life, to healing the wounds of the suffering. She is that pure deep reflection of the greatest kind of love there is….love without condition or attachment.   […]

HEY GUESS WHAT? We can stop the poisoning now!!

April has been called the “game changer” month among many astrologers around the world. May still has intensity but we have the opportunity to get clearer about what is no longer serving us, ¬†as individuals and as a world. We are coming into a time of personal sovereignty…which can be overwhelming to our body’s nervous […]

There are fields of energy that shape our lives and they come from the stories of our experiences. The Movement Shala: 435 E 9th St Tucson, AZ Each cell is like a filing cabinet for what has happened, not just in our personal life, but the lives of our ancestors, families and friends. The brain […]