Payment for Services

Someone has already paid for your session

You, in turn get to gift someone the same opportunity to heal. In this way, we create a healing and generous world.

Nature is our model and mentor for a sharing economy.  Seeds sprout, flowers bloom, fruits ripen, leaves fall, minerals glitter.  In no part of the cycle, does the flower say to the bee “you owe me”.  It gives freely as does the bee….and in this way, the system thrives.

By modeling the Laws of Nature in my practice, I free myself from the burden of placing value on the priceless. I become a full participant in the living system of exchange. I am interested in people serious about their process and I support those ready to make peace with a troubling part of their life.

The pay it forward model helps heal karma.  There is no need for the belief of lack. Generosity is a healing action.  We have been trained to keep score in our relationships with others and it is time to heal that depleting belief.  Healing is a one way flow.  It is up to the receiver to make sure the life force continues.

Anyone can support another to receive a treatment or pay for classes through my paypal account  under

Please contact me for further discussion of your intentions.

Classes, Workshops and Gong Sessions

I am working towards the pay it forward model in all of my offerings, but because I work with others, sometimes there is a price tag on the event!  That’s the human part. In the future, I would like to transition all services to be in harmony with Natural Law.



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