Ramjeet Kaur is a tiny but powerful force. She has the ability to shift a person’s energetic field to inspire the capacity we all possess for self healing to occur.  Ramjeet is a compassionate, intuitive and caring healer, who taps into and stirs up energy that is blocked, stagnant or has lain dangerously dormant allowing its release. My first experience with Ramjeet left me feeling as if I’d had a surgical removal of some kind; as if something harmful was taking space in my physical body. At the same time, I felt a buoyancy of spirit that told me something had truly had been deeply changed. I left her studio with a clarity of thought that arose during our session that I’d not previously had. She simplified complex issues with her work, so I could see how my energy output had been returned to me in a negative way that reflected my own “stuff.” For most, it is difficult to face truths about ourselves that we would rather deny, put aside or assign to others. Ramjeet gently reveals the “skeletons” in our closet, but lets us know that we all have them. She creates a portal for the outflow of negative energetic patterns within ourselves. It has been said that the energy we give out is reflected right back to us by others. I experienced an immediate and profound shift in the energy I began to receive from others. Ramjeet is certainly a plumber and an electrician, who can clear out the clogs in your pipes and turn on the lights to illuminate soulful transformation.
Kelley Ireland  Qi Gong Instructor

WOW, this is the place to go for energy work. First of all, I do not like “energy healers” that do not use your hands. For me, an energy exchange involves touch. Ramjeet Kaur the owner of Heart Spring Energy and healer extraordinaire has the best hands I have ever felt. In fact at some points during the work, I was unsure if it was even a human being touching me. She has this ability to focus, drill down and then deliver a vibration coupled with pressure points and massage that really brings awareness and then relief. A session takes about an hour and a half, though you will probably jump off the chair and say “WHAT TIME IS IT?” shocked at how much time has elapsed.

The day I went to her, I had to speak at two events. I had not slept in a few days and my body was physically taxed. I felt like a shell of the normal me. I didn’t expect much, but I decided that I would try this service. Boy, was I happy I did when I leaped off that table ready to conquer my afternoon/evening. Thank you Heart Spring Energy for bringing awareness to my body and peace to my spirit.

Thank you so much!

 Gia Heller
The National Business Experts
TheSocial Media Masters
Arizona Women Networking
Arizona Men Networking


I had been been utilizing a variety of techniques to clear old patterns and energy blockages this past year.  Upon learning of Ramjeet’s multi-­dimensional energy work, my curiosity propelled me to request a session. I had to know what  multi-­dimensional energy work was all about. I was truly amazed with  what I experienced.  Ramjeet truly has a  gift of bringing in waves of an energy, that not only could be felt traversing through all parts of my body, but I could sense that they took over the movements of her body as well. So, I had 5 more sessions. The last session was so powerful, that I just wanted to lie there and bask in the total peace and the wonderful state of being that I was experiencing.   I highly recommend Ramjeet.

-­‐-­‐-­‐Kathy Olson


I feel like a just woke up from a ten year nap.”


Charlene Gundry, Nurse Practitioner


“Ramjeet Kaur takes sacred theatre into the realm of the spirit by helping people access the deepest parts of themselves through exploring their identity within community.  Reflection and response, action and reaction, all come together to help the individual soul express it’s truest identity. This is sacred work which she facilitates with grace and care and commitment. “
396498_10150591484572225_257857509_nSat Purkh Kaur Khalsa
 Professional Trainer in the Aquarian Trainer Academy and Kundalini Yoga Teacher and 3HO Musician




” I love it when life changing information lands in your lap and becomes a part of your thought processat exactly the right moment with deep resonating clarity. (I was going to ask, “where have I been?”and “why have I not noticed the importance of this before?” but it doesn’t matter.  I re~found it tonight)a new path has been chosen.”

I was fascinated watching Ramjeet literally morphed into various ages, as she “taught” this information that felt so powerful.  Her passion to share this information with us, to improve our lives by it’s understanding, is so deeply valued and appreciated and true.

Thank you Ramjeet!
Clay Crow

Ramjeet has an intuitive ability to access buried or hiding energy within others and help it come to the surface. Her gentle yet fearless facilitation assists participants feel where, and how, our energy might be blocked, and helps us move it.
Quynn Red Mountain

Founder of Web Of Life Animist Church and Earth Web Media



One thought on “Testimonials

  1. My partner and I had a treatment with Ramjeet today as a couple. It was an amazing journey of love and healing as Ramjeet acted as a conduit of energy between the both of us. I am still full of energy, even after going through the 4th Ave. Street fair which normally leaves me exhausted. I see this as a way of connecting with your lover, friend, sister, brother in a deeper energetic level, especially when the words get in the way. Check it out!

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