The Task of the Sacred Ninja

I often equate healing work with that of a ninja warrior’s search for gold, deep in the heart of a haunted forest. She enters with keen awareness, using intuition and efficiency to guide her. It’s pointless for the ninja to approach her mission loaded with weapons of mass destruction, as modern day medicine tends to do.

Why you ask?

Because you can’t kill ghosts. They are already dead.

You can destroy the forest though. Then what would be the point of the ninja’s mission? A ninja uses the living parts of the forest to support the journey. For just like the body, a forest is alive with layers of wisdom that want nothing more than to be free any and all unpleasantries. Ghosts are akin to old injuries, traumas and sorrows that get stuck inside their environment. They the need liberation to move into the next phase of their journey.

And healing is like that.

The body naturally contracts to protect itself when it feels threatened. It is a healthy survival mechanism to protect our heart from being interrupted….when the heart stops, the game is over. This is a fundamental reaction every living being has. When we live with constant stress, the body stays in a continual contracted state. It’s ultimately an act of love turned power struggle. Better safe than sorry is the energetic instinctual process of the flight, flight or freeze response.

The body can not sustain a contracted state. It needs to undulate. Contract and expand, the rhythm of life and health. Life is sooooo much better when it undulates. A simple truth that holds the secrets of a healthy mind, and body as well as the entire universe.

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