After graduating from Michigan State University with a BS in Sociology, I realized that I needed to take my personal healing/learning into a completely direction than the well paved road.

At 25,  I packed up all of my possessions into a little Toyota Tercel and ventured off into the world to honor my art and personal healing.…… destination unknown.  I left a perfectly good job, a loving relationship…..I left everything.

During this pilgrimage, I encountered many healers from a variety of cultures that gifted me with the wisdom of their practice.

Among  many healing modalities, Sufism and Sufi dance profoundly inspired me.  I became a trance dancer and develop myself as a Trance-portational artist, which I use to support the healing frequency of people, the environment and life in all of its forms.

Having spent my life developing skills as a multi-dimensional artist, I have come to understand there is no separation between the creation and the creator.  Through art and energy, I explore the relationships between mind, body and movement and I am fascinated with their power to shape reality.  

I use my Animist Ministry, Art and Healing work to create healing based performance art. When the soul is moved through provocative creations and acts of beauty, the body releases stored up stress, the mind and heart expands, and new energetic patterns can establish themselves.  This is the essence of my passion and the root of my life work.  

 And I live my life by the motto:

Dance like it’s the last chance to dance like you have never danced before!!!  Trance Portational Artist, Conscious Dancer, Energy Medicine, Radiant Circuits, Evolving Consciousness, Fire Element, Peacock, Amma

Ramjeet Kaur is Trance Portational Artist, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Ordained Animist Minister, intuitive awareness trainer and a lover of life’s deepest passions.

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