Trance Portational Artistry

What is it?

“A refined practice of awakening the magical child within”

In 1995, during a time of intuitive investigation, I traveled the country allowing my impulses to lead me from one destination to the next. I spent several years exploring the inner workings of reality using Nature as my container and guide. Whether in the woods, on a mountain,  or in the ocean, I allowed life to bubble up into performances that reflected the deeper aspects of self. Through pain and ecstasy, triumph and defeat, I developed the wisdom of the Trance Portational Artist and Oracle.

This work  uses trance to tap into the interconnectedness of all things.  Each performance is an improvisational story that  gives voice to the voiceless parts of ourselves.  When we honor that which our conscious mind has yet to acknowledge, we validate and heal parts of us we left for dead, somewhere along the way. Each one of our stories is ultimately part of the collective story.   The substance of our lives connects us and helps us understand each other.

Creative expression reconnects us to our SOUL and elevates us towards more powerful and fulfilling life experiences.  So beautiful, so rich, so trance-formative!

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